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Posted in [Read This First] Rules v1.00 by Fela Rizki Wardana on October 30, 2008

As with any other creation in this world, we now define the origin of this weblog page,
Genesis (in Indonesian it means “Penciptaan; Awal mula”)

We are the basementbrat of Labtek 8, Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Students, Bandung Institute of Technology.
At first the idea of putting and sharing our thoughts on this page was triggered by the spirit of the Indonesian Youth’s Pledge (Sumpah Pemuda) at October 28th. We wanted to make contributions to our nation distinctively within our field of specialty, which is in the field of engineering especially electrical engineering. We realized that technology would mean nothing if not shared to the community. We also realize that ideas, thoughts, sometimes the crazier the better, are the gateway to better Indonesia.

We often see that those brilliant ideas are taken for granted and put in vain, it was all because lack of documentation, imagine if all those ideas are put together, and hopefully be put to reality. This page is meant solely to facilitate (and also stimulate) those who has the passion of writing zestfully.

We are thrived and committed to giving the best pieces of writing available, by means of The Basementbrat Crew’s Pledge:

1. Content
We deliver in depth contents, rich and comprehensive analysis about topics ranging from almost every known aspect in our lives .

2. Universality
We do not differ men nor women, social strata, interests, regional origins, etc. While upholding the spirit of democracy and avoiding any conflicts regarding those terms above as possible.

3. Accuracy
We uphold the truth. By means of engineering code of ethics, all topics written on this page are expected to be fair, honest, and truthful.

4. Open-mindedness and Flexibility
We are open to any honest thoughts. Especially ideas, dreams that will lead for the better future of Indonesia. We do not define our limits, any imagination, or such else that will enchain our creativity.

5. Motto
From dreams, we make it real, for our beloved nation, Indonesia

The rules regarding of those terms mentioned on the pledge above are:
1. All posts are to be written in English
2. All
posts must be put in an orderly categorized manner
3. All
comments are welcome and must also be written in English
4. All
crews are expected to write at least one topic for each month
5. All Electrical Engineering students of ITB are welcome to contribute
6. All people who shares the same enthusiasm are welcomed as good friends of ours

Best Regards,
BasementBrat Crew’s Board of Administrator


Using Accelerometer as Inertial Measurement Unit

Posted in Control Engineering, Microelectronics by Zulkarnaen on August 13, 2009

Before I start, I am going to answer some question that might pop-up in your mind when you read the title.

Q: What is accelerometer?

A: For the sake of simplicity accelerometer is a device that measures acceleration including gravitation and vibration.


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Step by step Control System Design

Posted in Control Engineering by Fela Rizki Wardana on March 28, 2009

Many experienced practising control engineer are surely able to design a control system. For those of you who wish to be a professional control engineer, you can expect and should consider the designing of a control system as part of your daily life. This post is intended to share little bit of my knowledge about designing a control system. Well actually this is just about as far I know about control design. ^^

The process of designing a control system usually makes many demands of the engineer or engineering team. These demands often emerge in step by step design procedure as follows:

  1. Study the system (plant) to be controlled and obtain initial information about the control objectives.
  2. Model the system and simplify the model, if necessary.
  3. Analyze the resulting model; determine its properties. (more…)

Another Fact About Our Vocal System

Posted in Telecommunication Engineering, Uncategorized by alfathakbar on January 16, 2009

Hi all, this is my first post at this blog. I decide to make this one short and compact. I hope it would be more understandable this way.

Here we go, human vocal system can be classified into two types of spectrum : voiced, dan unvoiced. Before we go any further, below is an illustrarion of my voice spectrum :


This is my vocal spectrum saying : AlfathAkbar

From this picture, you can see there is some gaps there, makes you think that i stops a while when i say “Al”(stop)”Fath”(stop)”Ak”(stop)”Bar”. But the fact is, i speak from start to end without a single second of silence! So if i speak nonstop, why is there three “band” where my voice magnitude is almost 0 dB? This is why : (more…)

For those who are going to study abroad

Posted in Others (non EE) by rachma001 on November 23, 2008

Based on my experience to take care of all of preparation and administration stuff before going study abroad which was completely tiring TOTALLY COMPLICATED (u know how complicated our bureaucracy is, right??), so by this blog, I want to share it to all of you who someday will go abroad for study too. Insya Allah, it is applicable in any home university in our country. And my intention is that you don’t really have to do the same mistakes and stupidness and get many unlucky things that I did before.

If you are accepted to study abroad in any university in foreign countries, and u decide to go and join it in any programme (could be exchange programme, Master programme, Doctoral programme, research programme, etc), these are te things that you have to take care of :

1. Passport. Make it in the imigration office in your hometown usually..

2. Ticket. Book the ticket for your departure. Have it taken care by a travel agent is the most convenient way I guess, because you can ask for the cheapest but convenient airline due to your budget, unless your ticket is already taken care by the university abroad or the scholarship. For me, I have to purchase it by myself first, and when I arrived in Japan, (more…)

Look closer our power system interconnection

Posted in Power Engineering by askramadhan on November 6, 2008

hello everyone, this is my first contribute to this blogsite.I want to give some information for you to about power system in Indonesia.Maybe this little information give you more comprehension about power system interconnection in indonesia especially in jawa-bali.

PT PLN PERSERO Penyaluran dan pusat pengatur beban (P3B ) Jawa-Bali is our state –owned electrical company and their function is to manage the energy from power plants to distribution system. Their framework is in transmission and load dispatch. P3B jawa – Bali controls energy that flows to 500kV , 150 kV and 70 kV interconnection system.


PT PLN P3B Jawa-Bali covers Java , Madura , and Bali islands and topology of their interconnection can be seen in picture below. (more…)

How To Increase Blog Traffic

Posted in Computer Engineering by enkz on November 6, 2008

As a crew of basement brat, I have to contribute to this blog by writing a valuable post. But I was confuse, because no good ideas appeared in my head. I wanted to write about control engineering, my submajor in electrical engineering, but I didn’t have a good quality in it. I wanted to write about global financial crises, but it’s not my speciality, I am a electrical engineering student, not economics student. I wanted to write about policy, but I am not politician. So, as blogger I thougt it would be better if I write about blogging tips, how to increase our blog traffic. So more people will visit our blogs and what we written in the blogs will be read by more visitors. Like what I am doing for my “kampanye damai pemilu indonesia 2009 “blog. Before, forgive me if my english quality is not so good, not as good as older posts. But I hope you can understand reading this post, and this post doesn’t decrease basementbrat’s quality.

I am sure when someone creates a blog or site, he has purpose. Maybe with the blog he’ll appreciate his ideas. Or maybe he wants to monetizing the blog, get money from the site. Or maybe he uses his blog just for writing his activities or just for sharing what he feels. There are so many reasons and purposes in blogging or making sites, and everyone has different reasons. But whatever the purposes, I think people make a blog or site to be read by others. So, if we want our sites have many visitors and readers, we have to do some ways to increase visitors number, or increase the site traffic.

To check our site traffic, we can use site counter, so the visitors number can be known. We can also add live traffic widget like feedjit, so the visitors locations will be known.Or we can analyze in google analytics. If we want to check site traffic rank in the world, there are good site, alexa.com. This site gives ranks to all sites in the world by their traffic, or we can call it alexa rank. Please try to check your site in alexa.com, if your alexa rank still over one million, you have to do something to increase your rank. (more…)

How Much the maximum amount of voltage that our body can resist?

Posted in Electrical Engineering Common Knowledge by wahidyankf on November 1, 2008

Have you ever heard these sentences?

Be careful if u want to connect an electronic device…cause u can taste a

short circuit…


“hei…if u wanna repair your electrical installation, dont forget to use your


or maybe

“we will not be electrocuted when we use our sandals…”

In this post i will share my knowledge about these things. A knowledge that i got from my electromagnetic field’s class. The lecturer of this class is “eyang bambang anggoro”, one of the most inspiring lecturer in ITB’s School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics. I hope this post can be useful to us. And can make us more careful when we use electrical devices in our daily live.

Have a nice read! (more…)

Heat generator

Posted in Power Engineering by rachma001 on October 30, 2008

Okay, so here it goes, another story of my life, but from the engineering and scientific point of view. (This is the first post about it).  Just a week ago, my lab mates showed me one of my lab’s creations which I cannot upload the photo (I don’t have any permission to upload photos, but u can check it in my facebook). This device is an experiment for power generator by using heat energy or we usually call it ‘thermal’.

This is how it works : You can see the device which look like a circular windmill. If you see it more closely, then you would find the tiny magnetic dices on the outer parts of the circular windmill’s periphery. And there are also some magnetic dices that are stacked below the windmill. These magnetic dices’ colour is gold, and the magnetic dices around the windmill periphery’s colour is black. The gold magnetic dices are stacked (statically) as well as possible so that if the windmill starts rolling, the black ones and the gold one will have a really tiny space between them, that normally will evoke the magnetic force between them.

Okay, but in this device, you should put the device in hot water. The hotter the water is, the better result you’ll get. But you just soak it until the height of the water reaches 3/4 of the gold dices’ height. The heat from the water then will make the gold dices lose their magnetic charateristic, weakening their magnetic force, meanwhle the black dices still have their magnetism, so then if you imagine how the magnetic lines would be, you’d find that all the magnetic forces between them, will make the windmill start rolling.

They plan for this device to be applied as the generator in the industries, so that the heat it needs will be taken from the heat that the industries produced. So that it’ll make such a cycle of the heat.

I don’t know if you already know about it or not, but that’s the only news about tech that I’ve got here. So hopefully it informs you something.

And I am not really a critical type of person, so please if you have any question about it or about anything related to the Japan’s technology, just ask me, let me do the favor for you. Because I really want to share everything I got here, but often I don’t know what to share..